On may 15th & 16th 2021, the MIAMI OPEN KARATE INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP, one of the most important Karate Tournament in the State of Florida, was held in the City of Miami with the participation of several invited countries and delegations of Karate athletes from various States of USA.

This great sporting event showed a high technical  and physical level of participating athletes and excellent work  the refereeing team.

In the Elite Division Kata  Victor Rojas represented us by showing a high technical level and sport spirit achieving the bronze medal.

Our SHOWAKAI TEAM made up of students and instructors with valuable family support achieved a outstanding results in the different divisions in which they participated.


The results were the following:

* Victor Rojas. Elite Division. Kata, Bronze Medal.

* Darwin Rojas. Advanced +35 years. Kata. Bronze Medal.

* Adriana Angulo. Advanced +35 years. Kata. Gold Medal.

* Aiden Bonko. First Timer 6-7 years. Kata and Kumite. Gold Medal.

* Lucia Oramas. First Timer 8-9 years. Gold Medal kumite and Silver Medal Kata.

* Israel Rodriguez. Novice 8-9 years. Gold Medal Kata.

* Jefferson Bonilla. Novice 10-11 years. Bronze Medal Kata.

* Jaden Sepulveda. Beginners 12-13 years. Bronze Medal Kata.

* Jesus Marin. Beginners 12-13 years. Silver Medal Kumite and Kata.

* Luis Marin. Beginners 12-13 years. Bronze Medal Kata.

* Daniel Villalobos. Beginners 16-17 years. Gold Medal Kata and Silver Medal Kumite.

* Enmanuel Nuñez. Novice 14-15 years. Gold Medal Kumite and Silver Medal Kata.



Darwin Sensei and Adriana Sensei

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