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Summer Camp

Karate Night Class

Summer Camp “Fantastic Warriors”

We are happy to share one of our most unique and wonderful activity at our Academy in the city of Miami with our principles of “FANTASTIC WARRIORS”

We enhance our creative world and valuable knowledge of martial arts by doing art and craft, Karate-Do Shotokan Style, conditioning, fun games, movies, and constant motivation.

Summer Camp "Fantastic Warriors"

We will wait for you in this great summer camp FANTASTIC WARRIORS, the best place to have and self-growth experience.

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Karate Night Class

KARATE NIGHT CLASS is another activity that SHOWAKAI KARATE-DO USA performs where our students’ parents have the opportunity to leave their children at our Academy to enjoy a great night, with the security that their children will live a Friday night from 7 p.m. to 12 a.m.

Karate Night Class

Our students will enjoy a night doing karate, playing games and eating delicious pizza under a major constant of professional supervision.

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