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SHOWAKAI TEAM participated in the 2022 USA OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP, held in the city of Las Vegas on  April 13th – 17th. This demanding and important tournament had the presence of athletes from different cities of the USA as well a from many other country.  Congratulations to our Team: Victor Rojas, Mathias Figueroa, David Barreiro, Adriana […]

2021 USA Open

SHOWAKAI TEAM attended the prestigious 2021 USA OPEN, held in the city of Las Vegas. A great tournament of great emotion with the participation of athletes from different countries of de world. Our Team achieved excellent results. ISRAEL RODRIGUEZ : GOLD MEDAL KATA MAURICIO FLORES: BRONZE KUMITE VICTOR ROJAS: GOLD MEDAL KATA ADRIANA ANGULO: GOLD […]


SHOWAKAI has been affiliated with the WORLD KARATE NO MICHI FEDERATION for over 15 years. KWF under the technical direction of Grandmaster Mikio Yahara, develops Karate as an art that seeks maximum effectiveness, technical beauty and provides positive values for those who practice it in a disciplined and constant way. SHOWAKAI hopes to continue with […]


KARATE SCIENCE ACADEMY SHOWAKAI is constantly evolving and desiring to improve at all levels of development. Following this concept, Darwin Rojas sensei received the EXPLOSIVE KARATE 2021 certification by successfully completing this demanding Course organized and developed internationally by KARATE SCIENCE ACADEMY with the participation of Karate Instructors from all over the world.

Belt Test 2021

GRADE EXAMS NEW LEVEL NEW BELT In this month of June, grade exams have been carried out with the primary purpose of being able to accurately assess the different levels of development of our students and thus constantly update our pedagogical methodologies and protocols.  SHOWAKAI KARATE DO USA  congratulates all the students who passed the […]


2021 MIAMI OPEN INTERNATIONAL KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP SHOWAKAI IN ACTION ! On may 15th & 16th 2021, the MIAMI OPEN KARATE INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP. One of the most important Karate Tournament in the State of Florida, was held in the City of Miami with the participation of several invited countries and delegations of Karate athletes from various […]