Darwin Rojas Sensei

Chief Instructor

Darwin Rojas Sensei is a full-time person dedicated to the research, practice, and teaching of Karate-Do Shotokan-Style. His broad experience in the areas of teacher, competitor, and writer of martial arts allowed him to develop effective training methodologies of conditioning, technique, sport, psychology, and motivation. 

Darwin Rojas Sensei along with Adriana Angulo sensei founded SHOWAKAI KARATE-DO VENEZUELA; an organization that allowed them to create outstanding students, athletes, instructors, and martial artists.

He taught the subject of “KARATE-DO AND SELF-DEFENSE” and led the “UNIVERSITY TEAM” of Karate-Do at the Metropolitan University, Caracas, Venezuela. With more than 12 years consecutively, which allowed him to develop a broad teaching knowledge and university sports management.

He holds a black belt grade 5th dan KWF granted by the great master Mikio Yahara, Chief Instructor of KARATENOMICHI WORLD FEDERATION. This organization has been active since 2006, sharing its Karate-Do vision as a martial art of beauty and effectiveness.

Recently, Darwin Rojas Sensei and his family are members founder of SHOWAKAI KARATE-DO USA, affiliated to KWF JAPAN and USA KARATE. They develop a solid technical evolution at their academy while keeping the traditional values of Karate-Do Shotokan.

Darwin Rojas Sensei keeps his daily training active at his 54 of age, participating at important tournaments as a referee and as a competitor. He got two SILVER medals in Kumite at the KWF WORLD CUP, RINGSTED, DENMARK 2013 and KWF WORLD CUP, CHITOSE, JAPAN 2015.

Adriana Angulo Sensei

SHOWAKAI KARATE-DO USA‘s member founder, affiliated to KWF and USA KARATE. Adriana Sensei also holds a 2nd Dan belt grade.

With more than 25 years of karate-do Shotokan-style teaching experience, Adriana Sensei has represented us at Panamerican and World Cup tournaments placing on first places.

Her broad technical and pedagogical development is due to her participation at constant training and multiples seminars with world outstanding karate-do master

Victor Rojas Sensei

SHOWAKAI KARATE-DO USA’s member founder, affiliated to KWF and USA KARATE. Victor Sensei also holds a 1st Dan belt grande.

With more than 16 years of uninterrupted training allowed him to develop a high technical and sport level. Victor Rojas Sensei has participated in multiples international seminars on the USA, South America, and Europe.

Nowadays he is part of SHOWAKAI’s team and represents us at the divisions of advanced and elite divisions in his specialty doing or performing Kata. He constantly achieves first place.

In 2018 he achieved the 1st place at the World Cup SKIU on the division: 18+ advanced Kata. This world cup tournament was developed in the city of Miami with the participation of more than 20 countries.